ŻAGIEL MED is a modern medical center, offering patients not only high standards of service, but also respect for the rights of a patient. Treating our patients is our passion. We believe that a smile and positive relationships strongly support the healing process.

We treat patients from Europe (UK, Ireland, Ukraine), Africa (Nigeria) and other countries in the world. We know what is paramount for our patients.

 Why do the patients from abroad choose Żagiel Med?

  • Żagiel Med employs over 150 experienced physicians and more than 100 people from experienced medical staff: nurses, technicians. Many of them have experience in working abroad.
  • We focus on perfect information flow, thus our medical staff and support workers communicate with patients in English.
  • At patient’s request, we translate the medical documentation into the language they understand.
  • We provide advice and support to patient’s family.
  • We help our patients’ family and friends with the organization of accommodation, catering, hotel and other important facilities for them.
  • We respect the right of our patients to have access to information, respect, dignity, kindness and comfort.
  • We support our patients with travel arrangements. Hospital of Żagiel Med is located approx. 10 km from the airport, the flight from London to Lublin takes about 3 hours. Map of connecting flights: http://www.airport.lublin.pl/dla-podroznych/mapa-polaczen.html

We have state-of-the-art medical equipment which enables fast and accurate diagnostics. Operating theatres are equipped with instruments, devices and appliances for minimally invasive surgical procedures which assure:
• less pain,
• optimal healing time and smaller post—operative scars,
• quicker return to active life,
• lower risk of complications,
• shorter hospital stay.

The hospital is equipped with solutions used in modern medical institutions. Air conditioning, fresh air supply in operating theatres and separate corridors and lifts for patients promptly after surgeries are to secure maximum sterility and hygiene.

The safety of our patients is our priority at every stage of treatment. At the ŻAGIEL MED Hospital only certified medical devices and materials are used. The Intensive Care Unit is intended for patients requiring intensive care and treatment. The ICU is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to monitor vital functions and resuscitation.

At the hospital, the patient can opt for a single or double room. Our patients are served delicious meals that are prepared in accordance with medical recommendations and the patient’s preferences. The rooms are equipped with Intercom, TV and WiFi. There  are over 100 parking spaces in the hospital parking.

ŻAGIEL MED specialises in:

General surgery: proctological surgeries including all procedures for hemorrhoids, TEM, anal fistulae and fissures, gallbladder and bile ducts including laparoscopic cholecystectomy, all kinds of hernia surgeries, thyroid and endocrine glands surgeries including adrenal surgeries, skin lesions, integuments and soft tissues as well as diagnostic and surgical endoscopy. Furthermore, a wide range of minimally invasive surgical procedures is carried out, including laparoscopic hernia repair, fundoplication, esophageal achalasia surgery, appendectomy, laparoscopic surgeries on intestinal obstruction, and thyroidectomy.

Bariatric surgery (surgical treatment of obesity): gastrectomy, adjustable gastric band.

Vascular surgery:
Obliteration (telangiectasia), miniflebectomy, Endovenous Laser Treatment (EVLT).

Plastic surgery: face (upper and lower eyelids, ears), abdomen, arms, buttocks, breasts

Orthopaedic surgery: hip replacement and knee replacement, surgeries on the carpal tunnel, ankles, knee joints, elbow joints, shoulder joints, ligament reconstructive surgeries, foot surgeries such as hallux valgus, flat feet (pes planus and pes valgus), spine stabilisation surgeries (DIAM; Device for Intervertebral Assisted Motion).

Gynecology: minimally invasive surgery (hysteroscopy and laparoscopy), surgical treatment of urinary incontinence, cervical dysplasia or labiaplasty, treatment of uterine fibroids using modern embolisation techniques, and other procedures.

ENT surgery: especially in the field of conventional and endoscopic sinus surgery, palatoplasty, rhinoplasty, septoplasty and nasal polypectomy, tonsillectomy, adenoidectomy, myringoplasty, stapedotomy, surgical treatment of the ear, nose, larynx as well as diagnostics and treatment of snoring and sleep apnoea.

Urology: especially in conventional and laparoscopic procedures connected with phimosis,  cryptorchidism, varicocele; surgical procedures of urethrotomy, cystoscopy, biopsy of the bladder and prostate.

How to arrange a surgery in Żagiel Med?

  1. Send medical documentation to the address: tetmajera@zagielmed.pl with the title: PATIENT ABROAD
  2. Within 10 working days we will send you a described proposal of surgical treatment and proposed dates.
  3. You will be asked to reply to our proposal within the next 10 days.


Hospital and Outpatient Clinic, Lublin, ul. Tetmajera 21

Patrycja Kamińska: +48 697 970 014

We take care of family and warm atmosphere. We believe that every person visiting a medical facility has the right to simple human kindness. 

We are a member of “Lublin Medicine” Cluster. Lublin Medicine – Medical & Wellness Cluster is a cooperation platform among higher education institutions, research centers, healthcare entities, entrepreneurs, institutions for collaboration and local authorities. During the organization of the stay of patients and their escorts we cooperate with hotels, transport companies, tour operators, SPA & Wellness Centers in Lublin and the region.

Examples of our surgical procedures